Shadow Ops FAQs

What’s the Centre?  The Centre is a genetic research lab facility owned by a firm in the Shadow Government, created just after the Cold War for psychic defense. Through co-joint governments, the organization is funded under the cloak of the Black Budget umbrella.

What’s the organization power structure? The hierarchy is as follows:

The Council: The Council is made up of 7 influential politicians. They are a source of mystery. No one really knows who the individual members are.
The Handler: Currently Broderick Gurvitch fills this position. He “handles” the training of the psychic children and is the go-between with the Council.
The Enforcers: 3 psychics who are in charge of making sure the Centre runs smoothly. They deal out punishment when the Council intervenes in a situation. The Enforcers are:

Dare– Known as “Death”. He’s in control of the astral plain.
Ashton– Creates “zombies” out of his victims. He can wipe a person’s mind and insert synthetic memories he creates.
Caleigh– Brings out the nightmares of others so that they feel “real”.

What is rehabilitation? Rehab is punishment to re-mould an agent. One such punishment is called the “mind wipe” in which a person’s memories are erased and changed. Usually these are done by Ashton.

Where is the Centre? Where do you think it is? Because of the anonymity of the Shadow Ops project itself, I opted to keep the location a secret in the book. Think you know where? Drop me a line! Not so much a hint: there’s mountains  😉

What are the agents? They were genetically modified at birth to be psychically-enhanced. Their purpose is to defend their country/ies agaisnt enemies. They often will help out in the wars against terrorism, but they are the main defense against a world war. Want to learn about the individual characters and their abilities? Click here.

What are black marks? Black marks are something you can get written in your case file if you don’t perform up to standards. This can be psychic related (i.e. if your abilities show signs that they aren’t progressing), mental or physical. Three marks and you’re thought to be not useful anymore and taken out of the project.

Who is on J.C.’s team?
-Stefan- manipulates energy
-Mackenzie- healer and something else
-Ajay- manipulates time and light
-Davan- manipulates shadows
-Cameron- manipulates the elements
-Ariadne- medium
-Darilynn- psychometric
-Amy- telepathic-empath
-Drake- telekinetic (he’s not part of the team but he’s re-occuring)