Random facts about Alexia

Random facts:

-In university, my favourite classes were paleopathology and forensic anthropology. I loved the labs and playing with the bones to learn more about the individual they came from, and the way disease can affect the skeleton.
-I’ve always wanted to get a skeleton (not the fake looking ones you can buy at Halloween, but a better quality one) to hang in my closet just to be able to say I have a skeleton in my closet (cheesy, I know!). I’d even get a cool pimping hat for it.
-I love to paint, but have no patience for it, if it takes longer than a day.
-One of these days, I’m determined to go on an archaeology dig. I didn’t go in¬†University and I’ve always wanted to.
-I was once a guinea pig (umm…yes I write paranormal, but I’m not talking about the animal). I have a case file in a Toronto hospital.
-I love chocolate and cheese together. Best combo ever!
-In my picture, I have brown eyes but in reality, I have blue. Erasing red-eye made them brown. Sometimes, though, they’ll turn turquoise-ish.
-My name means both to read and having trouble reading. I cancel myself out. Alexia- in Latin is having trouble reading. I didn’t choose this on purpose, but it’s kind of cool! lol. In my character name folder I had two names: Alexia and Reed. A friend and I put them together and voila!
-I’m pop culturally stunted. Ask me about movies and music or whatnot before 2000 and I can almost guarantee I won’t know it. Growing up, I lived in what I call an isolated bubble.
-I HATE the phone. I try to avoid talking on the phone as much as possible. I only have one for emergencies.