General FAQs

What do you write about? I write paranormal romance with a touch of romantic suspense. You’ll usually see scientific influences as well. I love the depth you can create in, especially in the worldbuilding and characters. The romance layer is often as important as the main plot and there’s ALWAYS a happily ever after. I love knowing that by the end of this book, through all the challenges the characters have faced, they will get a good happy ending. I get invested in the books I’m reading and the characters. I want to read that they’ll find love and be happy. Why wouldn’t I? You can still have twists and surprise endings without it being all doom and gloom. If I want to read about the ugliness in the world, I’ll watch the news or read the newspaper.

But in your book, the Centre is part of that ugliness. What gives? Yes, life at the Centre is not fairytale-like. The dark and evil does exist. What matters is that the heroine and hero find a way to get through that together.

Will you ever write anything different? Honestly, I’m not sure. I won’t say no, that I’ll never write a different genre. I’d love to write a historical paranormal, but right now it’s not in the plans.

Have you always wanted to write? When I was a kid, I used to pretend I was a writer. More specifically, a Goosebumps writer. I loved those stories something fierce and I had a lot of fun drawing the cover of my “books”, goo included. I didn’t start actually putting words to paper until about grade 8 however. By grade 9, J.C., Amy, and Stefan had begun “talking”.

How many books had you written before you sold? This is a bit complex. While I started a YA in grade 8, I didn’t really finish it. J.C. and Amy were louder and therefore, their book took precedence. That said, I’ve re-written their book over 6 times over the years as I learned the craft.

How did you first get published? I was on Savvy Authors and there was a thread to pitch to Carina editors. I decided to give it a go. I tweaked my three line pitch and when my editor requested the manuscript, I gave the WIP one last edit then sent it with fingers crossed. The day I got the call I was so shocked I couldn’t stop shaking. I immediately jumped onto email and into chat with friends to squeal.

What’s your writing process like? I’m a re-writer. My writing is a chaotic mess. I start off in draft one as a total pantser. Draft two is when I take out the note cards and plot based on what I had written. Once I have the skeletal outline, this is when I start cutting and pasting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle and fill in the holes. Then it’s edits.

Books FAQs

What are you working on? You can find the current projects I’m working on here.

Do you have a printable book list? I do: Word or Excel.